Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's a Boy!

Oops--yesterday I thought the new visitor was a girl moose, but then last night, when he came back for a bite at 10 pm, we could see the little nubbins of antlers started on his forehead. We're not sure if he was bugged by our flashes going off in the house windows or if it was mosquitos, but he was ticked off and jumpy! I got a good video I will try to edit down to size to put on here.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Out the bathroom window--Surprise!

Quite a few men guests have reported a surprise first thing in the morning when they are, um, standing in the bathroom and glance out the window. My guest from Virginia was able to get his camera and get these pictures from his bathroom.

This is a yearling calf. I may not be familiar with her. The moms are calving right now, which means they chase off the yearlings, so this little girl was off, foraging on her own. She may be last year's calf who grew up here or she may be a "stranger" who got chased off by a mom living nearby but not usually on my property. She's a little rough-coated looking, shedding out her winter coat, but looks pretty healthy after winter.

She was chowing down, from one green thing to the next around the yard. It got warm here a good 3 weeks early. Our summer has come earlier than usual, so lucky for them, they get the fresh salad buffet on every tree, bush and flower. She looks pretty petite here (in the picture she looks about donkey-sized to me) but actually she was about 6 feet tall, just quite a bit smaller than adult stature.

You can see the window box flowers are growing in earlier than usual, too. Normally, we would never put out annual plants earlier than June 1, but it's been a gorgeous, warm spring since early May.