Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gorgeous morning mountains

Guests were busy snapping pictures while I was making breakfast. When I looked outside, I could see why they liked this shot. The way the winds were blowing the clouds as the sun came south was gorgeous (it makes a big circle like a flat clock or dinner plate overhead). The sun doesn't so much rise in the summer as make a circle above our heads. In the middle of the night, it's to the far north, then does a little twirl overhead into the night hours when it returns to the north. It will start to sink below the horizon in late July. Next week is the summer solstice and gives true meaning to our Midnight Sun.

Palmer's little town celebration: Colony Days

Each summer, Palmer celebrates the town's roots with Colony Days. It commemorates the arrival of the Pioneer families who settled the colony in the 1930s. The weekend is full of small-town events like a classic car show, the parade, showing off the vintage tractors, a best smoked-salmon dip contest, bed races, etc. I tried to get a few good shots of the Forest guys with their chain saws and axes slung over their shoulders, but those pictures didn't come out well. Here is a farmer on his 1940s Massey tractor and the Palmer Chamber of Commerce team hustling against the IBEW union team in the bed race finals.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Early a.m. moose, cool video of flightseeing

I'm up at 3 am because the dogs at the farm next to me are going nuts in the woods between us. I don't hear others stirring, so I'm glad it hasn't waken them. The dogs are two Great Pyrenees who guard a small herd of cashmere goats that my neighbor is raising. The moose won't bother the goats, who are inside a secure fenced area, but must be close enough to have the dogs' attention. My neighbors, who moved here in the 1950's, said they've only seen bears on their farm twice since then, during very bad winters. Otherwise the bears prefer to hang out in the mountains that ring our valley, where people don't annoy them.

I was surfing on the web last night and found this cool video on Talkeetna Air Taxi's blog. The bush pilot who is the subject of this short online video is one I've flown with before. This tells a little bit about what it's like to be a woman bush pilot who flies around Denali: