Thursday, October 28, 2010

Surprise! Through the bathroom window

Guys or anyone standng up next to the bathroom windows can get quite a surprise when they are first awake and glance outside--Surprise! Quite a crowd gathered right outside the bathroom!

Fall Visits from the Mooses

Our mooses came by to say hello and have a bite. It's good to see them! This is a daughter who is now the mom. I think possibly the mother who brought her calves here every year for 6 years may have died, or maybe just moved territory, but that seems unlikely. This is not that same mom, but I'm suspecting it's a girl calf who was raised in this area, because she knows the exact route around our property that they've always made to the bushes, fruit trees, and other good snack locations. It looks like this mama had twin girl calfs this year, too!